In the agricultural sector, Hart Site services has vast experience, from refurbishing grain silos to lining anaerobic digester tanks, we have the coating solutions for all your needs.

The range of applications include:

Dairy: Legislation requires the following:’ When cows move around a building, they must have confidence that they can move without risk of slipping and falling, this can be achieved by using a combination of slope and floor surface.’

We have supplied coatings for milking parlours that are – hygienic and easy to clean. Our epoxy coatings are applied with a fine anti-slip agent which enables the floors to be cleaned easily but exhibit a certain amount of anti-slip to prevent cattle from slipping and injuring themselves.

Our coatings are heat and urea resistant. And can incorporate an anti-microbial agent to prevent the proliferation of microbial colonies.


Anaeornic digesters: The gas apace of these vessels contain noxious gasses such as hydrogen Sulphide and Nitrogenous compounds. These are extremely corrosive to metallic and cementitious surfaces. Our advanced Polyurethane systems have been used successfully to line anaerobic reactors and extend the lifetime of the tanks.


Grain silos: It is possible to repair grain silos and vastly extend their lifespan through a combination of coatings and sprayed plastic techniques.

Out-buildings insulation: Hart site services provide the option to insulate and weatherproof your buildings with products guaranteed up to  25years. Grants are also available towards such work as these are energy saving projects. Hart Site Services can assist you in the grant process.

Key clients include A Gomez and Nomec