Floors By Material

Hart Site Services offer a variety of solutions to all your project needs. We are not just a flooring a roofing installer. We can manage projects from specification through to final build.

Hart Site Services ISO 9001,14001 and 18001 accredited. You can therefore be assured that not just the quality of our work is guaranteed but the execution is perfect in terms of Health and Safety, COSHH and legal requirements.


Case study:
One client requested from Hart Site Services to provide acid resistant coating for a bunded area at their brewery. The bund had been designed, however, the civil contractor had not been assigned. Hart Site Services was awarded the full project which included initial laying of slab, erection of bund walls, wall rendering and final chemical resistant coat.


The advantages to the client are as follows:

1) An accurate budget price could be calculated for the client involving one contractor only
2) Cost can be minimised as tasks can be overlapped which would normally be carried out in series ie, civil contractor finishes, flooring contractor starts. We found that certain flooring activities could be carried out whilst building work was ongoing. This reduced the project length and cost.
3) The floor finish prior to coating to could be controlled better, this reduced the prep work required by the flooring arm.
4) The project could be completed on time , in budget with minimum disruption or intervention from the clients.

Hart Site Services carried out the groundworks and installed the concrete slab , erected the bund walls and carried out the coating as per specification.