Food Industry

Hygiene is of paramount importance in all of our Food processing client’s factories.

We have worked closely with our clients to help achieve the British Retail Charter standards and assist in delivering the highest standards of hygiene possible. We are able to offer anti-bacterial coatings in 2016 with proven anti-bacterial performance.

The largest processor of Salad products in the UK, supplying Tesco, have invested heavily in improving the cleaning operations in their processing units. They opted for Polyurethane screed floors. The objective being to introduce easily cleaned floors that can withstand heavy use from Fork Lift trucks and pallet trucks. This was achieved with minimum disruption to the client and a dramatically improved floor.

With 24 hour opening times of retail outlets becoming more in demand, floor repairs and renovation works must be carried out on a much faster schedule. In the past contractors had the luxury of 3 days to coat floors, this now represents a huge loss to the customer due to loss of trade.

Polyaspartic coatings are a new exciting development. Our coatings offer fabulous opacity (depth of colour) together with ultra-fast curing times. For comparison epoxy coatings take 12 hours minimum to cure, a polyaspartic system takes 30 minutes!

This revolutionary product enables a full floor coating to be completed in hours rather than days with numerous coats applied.