Green Roof Coatings

Green Roof Coatings

Sedum or green roofs are becoming increasingly more sought after over the past five years.

The benefits are enormous, not only financially, but Sedum green roofs can last longer than conventional roofs. These green roofs benefit the environment not only as a carbon sink, but encouraging the wildlife and biodiversity. A wide variety of species of sedum are available so that the full benefit of a diverse habitat is possible. Each plant is slightly different so giving a wonderful diverse appearance of both colour and texture.

The key process in preparing the sedum roof is that of waterproofing. In the past waterproofing sheets have been the favourised option, however, these are prone to failure on the welded edges.

Hart Site Services have pioneered the use of a sprayed polyurethane foam and polyurea system . The process involves spraying an insulating spray foam at varying levels of thickness to meet your requirements. Following this a sprayed plastic membrane is coated onto the foam. This produces a single , seamless membrane that is impermeable to water. Water will not pass through the membrane.

"We guarantee the integrity of our membrane for up to 25 years!"