Ground Gas Verification

Independent Waterproofing & Ground Gas Performance Assessments, Installation Verification & Inspection Services.

Waterproofing: BS8012:2009 Designing to expect failure

Over the last decade the unpredictability of the British Weather has caused major financial nightmares for both Construction Companies and Insurance Organizations alike. It was clear changes had to happen; the relevant British Standard BS8102: 2009 now states that a new construction should expect to be subject to a head of water the height of its cellar at some time during its existence and that water ingress will occur, product failure is to be expected and its method of application may be defective, effectively UK buildings are now designed to expect failure.

Typically waterproofing is around only 1% of the total building cost but its failure can potentially be terminal. Historically waterproofing system manufacturers have inspected their own systems application and issue a warranty accordingly but with their customer often being their applicator enforcement can be an issue.

As requested by many of the UK’s leading design teams Hart Site Services have created a truly Independent On-Site Application & System Verification Division. Reliable, Certified & Trained in all Types A, B & C (as per NHBC 5.4) our Verification Engineers ensure Designers have the highest level of confidence that what was designed is actually installed.

Ground Gas System Verification Is Now A Requirement: BS8485: 2015 & CIRIA 2014

Gas Membrane Verification? BS 8485:2007 is now withdrawn, are you aware of BS8485: 2015 and how it affects your construction program?

Good practice for verification of ground-gas protection measures has been brought together within a new key guidance document (CIRIA C735, 2014). This guidance is written for designers, installers, verifiers and regulators and highlights the fact that:

Ground Gas Protection systems form barriers against a vast array of contaminates; Radon is secondly only to cigarette smoking as a cause for Cancer, Methane is explosive & Carbon Dioxide is toxic. It is a requirement that these membrane installations be Independently Verified, HART Independent On-Site Application & System Verification Services Division do exactly this.